Setting Up Coding Station Game in Your School’s Event

kids coding in selangor

We are glad to be invited to our partner school’s (Aspiration International Secondary School AISS) open day on 30 Nov. For this open day, we have designed activity for students to have fun with while their parents are interacting with teachers at school.

Here we like to share our resources with any teachers or schools who like to carry out similar activity . We designed our activity based on several criteria 1) multiple students should be able to participate the activity at the same time to keep them engaged; 2) Assuming students have no coding experience; 3) activity should provoke students problem solving skills.

To achieve objectives above, we designed a puzzle solving activity that students can answer on an online answer sheet we specifically created for the puzzles.

First we printed out the puzzles we created and put it on a board for students to view. (You can download the puzzles we created here)

Students can build solutions to the puzzle using their phone by accessing our online answer sheet at We also created a QR code to the link so students can access the site by just scanning the QR code.

Instructors can guide the students on their problem solving process and teach them how to breakdown difficult puzzle into solvable chunks!

We hope these resources can be useful to any teachers/schools. Feel free to these resources and let us know if you have any suggestions on how we can do better!

– Nelson