5 Free Platforms to Help Your Kids Get Started in Programming


Programming is becoming the new literacy for 21st century. Students might not end up becoming a software engineer or app developer, however, understand how technology works is important for them as their personal/career is increasingly dependent on technology. Here we compile some of the best free platforms for kids to get started in computer science and programming.

1. is a non-profit organization dedicated to make computer science courses available in schools. Its comprehensive curriculum is free for any students to enroll. Students learn different programming concepts through video tutorials and hands-on activity solving interactive puzzles.

For students with no prior knowledge, we recommend students to enroll in the CS Fundamentals: Express course – A 30-hours courses that covers all the core concepts. Students can do the activities at their own pace.

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy as one of the pioneer in online educational platform offers a wide variety of subjects including computer programming. In Khan Academy Computer Programming Series, students learn the concepts of computer programming by writing JavaScript Code. All the concepts were explained through an interactive video that students can pause and play around with the code!

Apart from JavaScript, the course also introduce students to HTML, CSS and SQL. HTML and CSS are the fundamental markup languages used to create websites while SQL is one of the most common query language used in database.

3. Grasshopper

Students do not have access to their PC or laptop? No worries! They can learn JavaScript coding on their mobile phone. Grasshopper is a mobile application created by coders from Google to help students learn programming in a fun and easy way. It features progressively challenging levels as students develop their abilities. This application is available on both Android and iOS.

Official website

4. Codecademy

Codecademy is an online interactive platform that offers free coding classes for wide selection of programming languages. This platform aims not just only for students, but also for professional coders to enhance their skills in coding & software development.

As this platform is not catered for students, we find this platform is more suitable for students age 14 and above with a good command of English. Codecademy features a built in text editor for students to write their program and solve the problem presented in each level. The platform offers many free courses that are great to help students get started. Here are some of the courses we recommend

  1. How to Code
  2. Introduction to HTML
  3. Learn CSS
  4. Introduction to JavaScript

5. freeCodeCamp


freeCodeCamp is an open source platform created by non-profit community to teach coding. Each course requires up to 300 hours of dedicated learning to complete. As students complete the coding challenges and projects, they will earn verified certificates. freeCodeCamp certification is recognized in the industry and helps many software developer land their first job. For students that are more serious into getting into the IT industry, completing courses on freeCodeCamp would be a great investment.

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